Before And After – Metal Braces

Braces to Fix an Impacted Tooth

Initially, Jace and his family chose Team O for his orthodontic care because of a need to fix a deep overbite and eliminate dental crowding. In addition to those concerns, he also had impacted teeth that were in a position that would not allow them to further develop on their own. We used traditional braces to create the space needed to help correct his tooth alignment and fix his overbite. We also worked extremely close with a gum specialist, who created an area in his gums to allow us to direct his impacted teeth into the correct position. Jace now has a healthy smile that also looks great!


Braces For Closing All Spaces

Rochelle came to us concerned about the amount of space showing between her teeth and a misaligned bite of her front teeth. Before we started, we wanted to maintain the integrity of Rochelle’s tooth shape, so we chose to use traditional metal braces. Through the application, we were able to close all of the spaces between her teeth & correct her bite. Today, Rochelle walks around confidently displaying the gorgeous smile she always wanted and has no further issues with her bite.


Braces To Fix A Non-Surgical Closure of an Open Bite

Breanna visited Team Orthodontics concerned about her bite and tooth alignment. In our initial inspection, we also noticed she was missing lower premolar teeth. To correct her bite and provide the ideal aesthetic alignment for her teeth, we used traditional braces. We also sculpted the shape of her baby teeth to fill where her missing teeth would have been. This helped us create not only an aesthetically pleasing result for her teeth, but it also created the ideal relationship for those teeth. Breanna left Team O as one happy patient ready to take on the world with her new smile!


Braces To Correct A Severe Overbite

Aditi was concerned about her overbite and the alignment of her teeth, so she came to Team Orthodontics. During her initial consultation, we realized that she had a very deep overbite and it was causing a poor functioning relationship with her back teeth. To fix this, she was fitted with traditional metal braces and limited elastic wear along the side teeth. What resulted was a beautifully balanced smile and a healthy bite that she’ll have for life!


Braces To Correct Bite

When Sabrina first came to Team Orthodontics, we knew that she would benefit from traditional braces in more than one way. Dr. Danyluk and his team needed to bring Sabrina’s upper cuspids down and correct her severe overbite to protect the overall health of her teeth. With the help of traditional metal braces, Team Orthodontics gave Sabrina a gorgeous new smile and the confidence to match!


Closing Spaces For Missing Teeth & Gum Recontouring

When Natalie came to Team Orthodontics she was missing a lateral incisor on one side of her mouth, while the same tooth on the opposite side had almost no root development. We initially used traditional metal braces in combination with removal of the tooth with no root development. This helped close all the spaces as teeth aligned and we provided a resin build-up and sculpted it to fill in the spots of the missing teeth. The end result was a very happy patient and even happier parents, who no longer needed to worry about future tooth replacement.


Braces for Jaw Growth Modification

Benjamin came to us with a significant overbite paired with a receding lower jaw and malaligned teeth. In order to correct all of these concerns, the timing for his treatment was extremely crucial. First, Team Orthodontics utilized an expander to gently widen his smile and create the space we needed. We then followed up with a removable appliance that encouraged the lower jaw to grow forward and assist in balancing his profile. Lastly, traditional metal braces were applied to correct the final bite and alignment issues. Though this took some time, we were left with a happy patient and parents after achieving all of the goals we had set out to.


Interceptive Treatment for an Underbite

Bekkah came to Team Orthodontics with a severe underbite that was causing her pain during while chewing with occasional jaw irritation. We took a two-stage approach to her treatment to ensure that the solution we were providing was beneficial for the long term. The initial phase of her treatment involved the use of an expander, headgear, and limited braces. These were used together to help correct her jaw development and save her from having to get jaw surgery in the future. Had she waited to fix this until she was older, she could have missed the window to correct the development of her underbite. The second phase of her treatment was a final corrective and aesthetic alignment of her teeth. The final result of this was one happy, healthy young lady ready to show off her smile!


Braces To Help With Teeth Removed For Crowding

Yoon came to us with perfectly sized teeth; yet her upper and lower jaws were too small to support all of them, creating alignment issues. In Yoon’s case, even expanding her jaw would not have created enough space needed to correct the alignment of her teeth. Instead, Dr. Danyluk and his team moved forward with the removal of four permanent side teeth and fitted Yoon with traditional metal braces. This course of treatment aligned all of her teeth, closed the spaces we created, and achieved a balanced smile width that maintained her already beautiful profile. Team Orthodontics works hard to select the proper individual orthodontic treatment plan for our patients to ensure that excellent facial balance qualities are easily maintained.


As one of the premier orthodontic practices in Ahwatukee & Gilbert, AZ, our orthodontist and team at Team Orthodontics also provide 5-star orthodontic care to patients from Chandler, Phoenix & Queen Creek, AZ & the surrounding areas.

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