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Dr. Danyluk and Team Orthodontics have been at the forefront of utilizing temporary anchorage devices (TADS) in orthodontic treatment for over 10 years. We have extensive experience in selecting the right situation and the correct product for using TADs in patient care.

A TAD, or temporary anchorage device, is a small device that is placed in a specific location within the mouth.

Its main function is to act as an anchor in order to draw teeth towards it with controlled specific tooth movements. TADs are generally used for only a few months of your orthodontic treatment and are used predominantly for more difficult tooth movements.

TADs provide an anchor point to help move your tooth into its desired position and have helped to replace the cumbersome headgear of the past.

A temporary anchorage device can also potentially shorten overall treatment time or eliminate the need for otherwise costly dental surgeries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Temporary Anchorage Devices

How is a TAD placed?

A local anesthetic will keep the area comfortable during the simple placement and removal of a TAD. The TAD is placed in its proper location using a gently and painlessly. This usually takes no more than a couple of minutes.

What can a TAD help accomplish?

Dr. Danyluk and Team Orthodontics can show you a gallery of images where a TAD has helped to correct extremely challenging orthodontic conditions in a very simple way. Common orthodontic issues that TADs can help with:

Correcting dental openbites (severe inability for front teeth to bite together), underbites and overbites without the need for jaw surgery

Closing large spaces where teeth were previously removed, eliminating the need for costly dental implant placement

Reducing a severe gummy smile above the upper front teeth

How much does getting TADs cost?

The cost to place a TAD is very minimal. It’s a fraction of the cost of jaw surgery or dental implants. TAD procedures are also significantly more comfortable than surgical procedures.

Is a TAD painful?

The area surrounding the temporary anchorage device may feel a little tender for a day or two after being placed. That discomfort is dealt with using over the counter analgesics like Advil or Tylenol. When the TAD is removed, you will not require any sort of local anesthesia while the area heals up very quickly and painlessly.


If you’d like to see if temporary anchorage devices are an orthodontic solution for you, schedule your free consultation today!

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