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The Evolving World Of Lingual (Hidden) Braces At Team Orthodontics, P.C.

The Evolving World of Lingual (Hidden) Braces at Team Orthodontics, P.C.

Our lingual braces experience:

After helping over 2,000 patients in the span of the last fifteen years, Team Orthodontics has established themselves as the leading provider of lingual (hidden) braces. Dr. Ken Danyluk and Team Orthodontics has been recognized for having the largest lingual orthodontic practice in North America.

A lot has gone into achieving what we still see as an incomplete accomplishment. Our goal at Team Orthodontics is not just to be the biggest lingual provider but also to be the very best. You see, it’s all about the patients here at Team O. We are passionate about making certain that every single patient receives an extraordinary orthodontic experience, especially those that are undergoing a revolutionary and discreet treatment like lingual braces.

Team Orthodontics has created a lingual treatment that successfully addresses the same challenging bites that traditional outside braces can correct and that clear aligners fall short on. Dr. Danyluk has refined lingual braces to correct the full spectrum of his patients’ smile concerns. He’s also coupled techniques that he learned as a cosmetic dentist prior to his orthodontic specialty training. In addition to these great advantages, we have streamlined the bi-monthly patient visits to allow for a simple, more convenient appointment schedule.

What’s next for lingual braces at Team Orthodontics?

Lingual braces for each patient is customized in a laboratory setting for precise positioning and optimal results. Over the years, Team Orthodontics has worked exclusively with a reputable custom laboratory, Eline, for all their custom lab work. Dr. Danyluk was recently invited to complete a lab training with Eline to become the sole lab provider in North America. This means Team Orthodontics patients will continue to receive the best custom lingual lab work with a local process that is faster and even more accurate. Our patients will benefit from greater hands-on quality control, quicker fabrication times, and lower costs that are passed on to you!

Dr. Danyluk is continually evaluating the techniques, services, and experience from a patient’s perspective. This passion for improved excellence will benefit patients and their families.

Stay tuned for the next new, exciting change coming to Team Orthodontics!

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Written by Dr. Ken Danyluk, Orthodontist at Team Orthodontics