iTero Intraoral Scanner at Team Orthodontics

Team Orthodontics is proud to introduce the iTero intraoral scanner, an amazing new dental scanning technology that gives us the best and most accurate dental impressions available. Dr. Ken Danyluk and Team Orthodontics are committed to providing our patients with the very latest technology that ensures your treatment to be the very best. Team Orthodontics and the iTero intraoral scanner makes your corrective treatment more convenient, more precise, and more comfortable for you.

iTero Intraoral Scanner













The iTero scanner gives us the ability to extract a more accurate impression of your teeth faster and easier than ever before. The iTero scanner is small digital device that maps your teeth and provides Dr. Danyluk with a perfect digital 3D image that we can send directly to the lab. This significant advancement provides you with a less expensive and less invasive dental impressions procedure.

This device drastically shortens the time it takes for Team Orthodontics to create a positive and impactful treatment to your smile. Whether you chose traditional braces, lingual braces or Invisalign, the iTero intraoral scanner will eliminate the need for messy, goopy, cumbersome dental cement impressions. Plus, the scans look pretty darn cool if you ask us!

Benefits to using the iTero Intraoral Scanner:

  • Expedites treatment diagnosis
  • Quicker retainer and Invisalign scans
  • More precise models for a superior final product
  • No goopy mess which makes for a more enjoyable patient experience
  • Saves approximately 20 minutes from patient appointment times


Orthodontist Using The iTero Element Intraoral Scanner
















The iTero Element intraoral scanner allows Team Orthodontics to create a quick and accurate treatment option for your corrective procedure. As your local experts in the field of orthodontics, we are very proud to offer our patients the latest and most technologically advanced orthodontic treatment options available. Call us today to learn more about what the new iTero intraoral scanner can do for you.