Early Treatment

What age should my child get braces? Are the advantages of seeing an orthodontist early on?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child seek an orthodontic examination at the age of 7.

As you do with your child’s physician, scheduling regular orthodontic checkups for your child will identify certain orthodontic concerns before they become much more complicated. Early treatment needs such as thumb or finger habits, cross-bites, underbites and overbites can be addressed and corrected at an early age and prevent more extensive and complicated treatment later in life.

The goals during this phase of treatment are very specific and can be achieved by using very simple appliances and partial braces only. After the initial goals are met, the appliances and braces are removed and custom retainers provided to maintain the results and help guide into place the permanent teeth. Dr. Danyluk will continue monitoring development of the jaw, teeth and facial muscles and determine when comprehensive orthodontic treatment is needed.

Let’s recap, here are a few reasons why your child should get an orthodontics check-up no later than 7:

  • To identify and correct any developmental problems
  • To check for subtle problems with jaw growth or emerging teeth while baby teeth are still present
  • Early treatment can curb more serious problems from developing and may make treatment quicker and less complicated at a later age
  • To help correct harmful oral habit, help guide jaw growth, and guide permanent teeth into a more favorable position
  • To ensure you give your child the best opportunity to have a healthy smile

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