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Direct To Consumer Teeth Aligners – Buyer Beware!

Direct to Consumer Teeth Aligners – Buyer Beware!

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Direct to consumer teeth aligners are no different.

The ease of online ordering coupled with the desire for aesthetic types of orthodontic treatment has spawned the direct to consumer clear teeth aligner treatment industry. This new trend is seeking to fill the market for individuals who feel that orthodontic treatment is out of their grasp due to treatment costs and time commitments. Quicker, cheaper and easier treatment is the battle cry.

But what is the ultimate outcome?

What’s The Catch?

A quick review and sign-up with an online direct to consumer teeth aligner company reveal a few inescapable truths. The treatment focuses on correcting the front teeth alignment, with a disturbing lack of attention to the overall health of the patient’s bite. Certain tooth movements, such as moving teeth towards the biting surface or rotating turned teeth, cannot be corrected without attachments being placed on the teeth by an orthodontist. Direct to consumer teeth aligners provide no such attachments.

Feedback from patients that have tried this approach has overwhelmingly indicated a serious lack of customer assistance from the online company. They are not interested in providing any guidance to you once you’ve purchased the product. The cost factor tallied up for the do-it-yourself impression kits of your teeth, aligners, and retainers to maintain corrected tooth positions account for a savings of less than a $100/month in payments. Resulting in a fraction of the result you can achieve under the guidance of a skilled orthodontist.

Is There A Better Teeth Aligner Alternative?

Team Orthodontics has developed a clear teeth aligner service series that correct your smile and provides you with a healthy bite with a minimal amount of office visits, all under the guidance of a Certified Orthodontic Specialist. All of this comes at a cost that is not much more than the direct to consumer option. In addition, we include free teeth whitening to optimize your dazzling new smile!

As you make the important decisions related to your health be sure to keep one thing in mind – it’s your health and it’s your appearance. Don’t you deserve more than a shortcut approach to the smile you have always wanted?

Call or email us today to see this and other differences that we provide our patients at Team Orthodontics. Reach out to our Ahwatukee orthodontist office or our Gilbert orthodontist office and we’ll do our best to help you out with all your orthodontic needs.

Written by Dr. Ken Danyluk, Orthodontist at Team Orthodontics

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