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What Can I Expect When I Am Wearing Braces?

What Can I Expect When I Am Wearing Braces?

When I meet with new patients who are ready to start orthodontic treatment using traditional braces, a few common questions inevitably come to light:

What does it feel like having the braces applied?

At Team Orthodontics, having your braces applied is actually a very simple procedure for you. There is no pain; therefore there is no need for any local anesthetic. The entire appointment takes a little less than an hour with the custom placement of your braces taking about 15 minutes. We also give you the option of watching your favorite TV show or movie while we work!

How do my teeth feel after I leave the office?

Just like your muscles might feel after exercising, your teeth may feel a little tired for a few days after the initial movement of the teeth begins. A softer diet and a light dose of an over the counter analgesic like Tylenol or Advil go a long way to making your first steps into treatment very comfortable. For those occasional areas where the inside of your cheek isn’t quite used to your braces, we provide you with a special kind of wax to apply to the braces that buffer that area until you become accustomed to the feeling. Within the first few days after beginning treatment, you start to forget about them and life is pretty much back to normal.

What about cleaning my teeth?

At Team Orthodontics, we will provide you with all the necessary supplies to successfully care for your teeth during orthodontic treatment. We will also walk you through how to properly use these supplies and give you access to videos to reference at home in case you forget. Cleaning your teeth may take a little longer at first, but you will quickly get the hang of it and make this an easy part of your daily routine. Also, don’t forget about the consistent visits to your regular dentist for cleanings and check-ups. We will keep in constant communication with your dentist throughout your treatment and coordinate your visits with us to ensure your overall care is the best you can receive.

How often will I be visiting you for orthodontic appointments?

At Team Orthodontics, your visits to our office are usually once every 6-10 weeks. This will vary depending on our customer’s needs and the stage of your treatment you are in. Most of those appointments are after school/work and tend to be about 20-30 minutes in length. We also have appointment times available on Saturdays for your convenience. For those parents that can’t get away to attend all of the appointments, we can send our complimentary shuttle for pick-up at the school to ensure that appointments are kept and your treatment progresses. During your visit, we will assess your oral hygiene and work with you on any areas you may need help with. This keeps you on a path to the ultimate goal of a perfect bright smile and healthy bite. Oh, and don’t forget a complimentary cookie or ice cream before you leave that day!

These tend to be the most common questions I get from my future patients we call friends at Team Orthodontics. We’re always happy to answer any special questions or address any special circumstances as they arise. We look forward to seeing you smile!

Call or email us today to experience the difference that we provide our patients at Team Orthodontics. Reach out to our Ahwatukee orthodontist office or our Gilbert orthodontist office and we’ll do our best to help you out with all your orthodontic needs.

Written by Dr. Ken Danyluk, Orthodontist at Team Orthodontics