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Adult Orthodontics – Get Results Without Feeling Like A Kid

Adult Orthodontics – Get Results Without Feeling Like A Kid

Many adults, whether it be through procrastination or simply not knowing better, go through life with an uncomfortable and unhealthy bite. This can often times accompany a self-esteem issue related to their smile. When you put off correcting your orthodontic condition you can accelerate tooth wear, increase jaw pain, and further worsen your self-esteem issues.

The bad news is – you cannot take back the lost time you have delayed correcting the concerns.

The good news is – you live in an era where orthodontics can correct your problems quickly, comfortably, and affordably … without making you look like a teenager!

Many people still have the misguided notion that orthodontic care is what it was 20 years ago with unsightly braces that are uncomfortable, expensive, and time consuming. That was then, and this is now!

Orthodontic Options for Adults:


Smile solutions like clear aligners make for simple and easy adjustments to your smile. For those who need greater corrective work, we have lingual (hidden) braces which are applied behind the teeth. Lingual braces are able to correct almost every orthodontic condition. These advancements can be coupled with accelerated treatment options that can significantly lessen your time in treatment. With all these advanced options there is really no reason to put off getting your bite corrected.

The next most critical component to proper bite correction is finding the right orthodontist who has experience as a cosmetic dentist. Your orthodontist should be able to craft a very specific plan that helps you to regain a beautiful smile that should last a lifetime.

All of this can happen in less time than you ever thought. Regain your youthful confidence with the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted as well as the health benefits that symmetry, balance, and proper alignment will bring you.

Dr. Ken Danyluk and Team Orthodontics has experience providing orthodontic treatment to adult patients for over 20 years now. There is really no reason to wait! Call for your complimentary consultation today. It’s time to look your very best!